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Top Vacation Spot in the Caribbean | Discovering St Lucia


St Lucia has an authentic innate landscape of stunning palm-fringed beaches, miles of unspoiled tropical rain forest and its most noticeable landmark is an UNESCO world heritage site the magnificent twin Mountains named the Pitons.

Saint Lucia is an island in the southern Caribbean; it is world renowned for its white sandy beaches,coconut trees and is widely recognized as the perfect destination for everyone.

The locals describe this place as “simply beautiful” and visitors describe this as a “wow place that got it all” – those simple words say it all, whether you’re seeking a romantic getaway, rejuvenation, an outdoor adventure St Lucia has a spot for you.


Discovering the Island of St Lucia

What are St Lucia’s bragging rights?

This small island is naturally equipped with breath taking waterfalls, astounding tropical views, welcoming locals and bona fide culture – again that is why it is referred to as a place that has it all.

Sporting several international tourism awards St Lucia is highly regarded as the romantic capital of the Caribbean. It is the premiere romantic getaway and destination wedding spot in the Caribbean.

Whether you enjoy kite flying or wind surfing on the beaches in southern city of Vieux-Fort or walking and enjoying miles of sandy beaches in Castries the Capital in the north St Lucia has an Adventure for you.

What about the food

St Lucia is sure to indulge your every taste. This little island packs a lot of punch its fertile soil produces foods that are both amazingly delicious and visually appealing. The local animals also consume these foods and transfer those benefits to our dining tables with an amazing hmmm feeling of total satisfaction.

The local cuisine is known to wow many. Build on its past French colonization, the local food and its preparation stand above the crowd for its attention to details and its visually appealing features.




What about the locals – What do they eat?

The usual diet of an average St. Lucians consists of limited intake of proteins. However; starchy food is high on their menu. Fruits and vegetables are widely consumed during their seasons (crop).

With the Ocean at its door steps, seafood is available in abundance, and many travelers also join the locals for the all time favorites such as tuna, mahi mahi, and snapper.

A typical Creole seafood menu includes conch, plantains (A Banana like fruit), green figs (Banana), and salt fish (cod) is very popular across the entire island.




Where to Eat

Visitors to the island will find that the majority of St. Lucian restaurants and fine dining are inside the island tourist belt,in generally and around the capital Castries, and the tourist hot spots like the Soufrière (in the south, Rodney Bay, and Gros Islet (North of the capital).

The most tropical of beverages, you can find is coconut water, you can drink directly from the split husk of the fruit. Fresh fruit juices are also great thirst quenchers and they are awesome on a hot day.

Sodas such as Pepsi, coke and its local siblings are ready available, as well as coffees and tea.

What does St Lucia has to offer

• Many of the villas, guest houses and lodges provide а swimming pool with pub, spa, fitness center, deli store, kid’s club and much more.
• At the local restaurant, уоu can enjoy genuine St Lucian cuisine with incredible view of the Caribbean Ocean.
• Many offer standard services – which include a breathtaking crystal clear view of the Caribbean Sea at no extra cost (lol)… long with pools, fitness center, bars, convention hall and business center to make your stay unforgettable and that’s all done just for you.
• Access to daily connecting flights from most major cities
• St Lucia is just a flight away
Caribbean Winter Holiday Adventure


What can we do in St Lucia?

Here is an outline of some of top tourist attractions in St Lucia

Pitons – These majestic twin peaks, A UNESCO world heritage site is a famous cruise and non cruise stopover port on the island.

Volcanic sulphur spring – Soufriere nested in the volcano it is highly recommended by the local. It is widely believe that the hot spring spas and mineral spa is a natural remedy for many ailments.

Beautiful Sandy beaches in Castries – St Lucia has many pristine tropical beaches located both in the North and South of the Island

Wind Surfing – Beaches in southern city of Vieux-Fort is world renown for wind surfing

Kite flying

Rain Forest – St Lucia has a large protected rainforest which is ideal for eco-tourist adventures and hiking.

Duty free Shopping – World class duty free shops in Castries the Capital

Scuba diving – With crystal clear water and an abundance of protected coral and unique marine life it’s a scuba diver dream

Botanical Gardens

Pigeon Island National Park

Deep sea fishing and charters.


Top Vacation Spot in the Caribbean

So if you are looking to book your St Lucia vacation, planning a Caribbean wedding or honeymoon, St Lucia has a tendency to impress the most traveled individuals leaving them with lasting memories.
As the local would say “come on down man to St Lucia”

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