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For some, the term “Winter is Coming” reminds them all too much of Game of Thrones and often elicits either a few “did you just say that stares” or a bout of giggles. For others, like myself, when you say “Winter is coming” our inner child dances about with joy at the prospect of snow angels, cancellations, Christmas, and more!

As a perpetual optimist I’ve never quite understood exactly why people dread the inevitable winter months. Yes they’re cold and yes sometimes it’s a pain to navigate, but unless you plan on hibernating in a region close to the equator during the winter months, there’s really nothing else you can do about the situation.

So, whether you’re an optimist or a pessimist, here’s a list of the absolute best reasons why I love winter to hopefully fill your own inner child with glee and preparing you for the ushering in of the beloved winter months!


Happy Holidays - Vacation Rental St Lucia


The Holiday Season

Christmas and Hanukkah are two major gift giving holidays that people associate with the winter months.

The beginning of the holiday season is exciting and often marked by great sales at shops, loads of beautiful decorations being put up around houses and towns, and the overall jolly feeling that sweeps through even the most depressing of places and puts frowns on people’s faces.


Caribbean Villa Rentals

While the holiday season is focused around gifts, especially thanks to the extensive marketing companies do during the time, it also means that families come together and people are kind just for the simple reason that they wish to be nice to another person.





Carbs and poor diets are acceptable

Another fantastic reason to love winter is that any semblance of a diet that you followed during the summer time is off the table! Loads of candy, heavy carbohydrates, and desserts are piled up on tables and no one will judge you when you simply gorge yourself!

The winter months play host to several holidays that are focused entirely around food, and the best part about it is you can wear layers of clothing to hide any extra fluff you may put on!

Warm alcoholic beverages

Adding a dash or two of alcohol to a warm beverage during the winter time is never looked upon with a scowl. Whether you’re drinking mulled wine, spiced hot chocolate, or some eggnog with a bit of a kick to it, no one will look at you strangely – instead they’ll probably ask for a cup of it themselves!

Truly one of the best feelings is sitting there warming up frozen digits on a half empty cup of spiced hot chocolate.

Winter vacations make you the envy of all around

Getting a short respite from the cold winter months is highly recommended, and will fill the eyes of your friends and coworkers with immense jealousy. Nothing beats walking into work after a holiday with a beautiful golden tan and showing off those pictures of the beach, the cruise, or wherever it was that you jetted off to!

Be prepared for an overwhelming feeling of smugness upon your return!

Allows you to appreciate the warmer months

Should you be one of those people who simply hates winter, then this reason is definitely one you can try to adopt to improve your outlook on the colder months.

If you’re in a seasonal area that changes with the winter months, winter will truly enhance your appreciation for the other seasons.

Nothing makes you look forward to those hot summer days again like having to battle the icy winds and deep snow each day on your way to your car!

Caribbean Winter Holiday Adventure


Vacations are cheaper

If you’re not going right during the Christmas break in school, then you’ll find that taking a holiday during the winter months is so much cheaper!

Thanks to all the children in school, vacation prices drop dramatically making it easy to afford to go to some of the best winter vacations such as Kauai, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Key West, St Lucia, Jamaica, Bora Bora, and more!

Simply drop the kids off with the grandparents and enjoy your discounted vacation.

New Year

The beginning of the winter months always means that the ushering in of a new year is on its way. While this does mean you’ll spend about half the year scribbling out the previous year on all your documents, it also means that it’s a time to reflect on yourself, improve who you were, and appreciate what you’ve got.

The New Year resolutions are a huge hit and you can always score yourself a great new calendar to help keep you on track!


Caribbean Winter Holiday Adventure


Winter Fashion

If you’ve been dying all summer to bust out that fantastic pair of fur boots, turtle neck sweater, or fleece cardigan then you’ll love to hear that winter is on its way!

Winter fashion is some of the best because it’s not about how much you can show off, it’s simply about warm and comfy and a tad stylish as well!

Enjoy all the great sales both before and after the holidays as well to really score some fashionable winter clothing!

School/Work Cancellations

Getting that call that work has been canceled, or that your university classes are rescheduled is probably the most exciting news people can wake up to in the winter months.

Granted, parents with kids may be groaning inwardly if their work isn’t canceled but the children are forced to stay home, however for the majority of people, cancellations are the best.

Simply curl up with a comfy fleece blanket, a warm drink with a dash of something extra in it, and a fantastic book and you’ll be in absolute winter heaven!



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