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These eight secrets will help ensure that you have a romantic and memorable honeymoon!

A great writer once said – Romance is the ultimate goal of any great honeymoon.

However a romantic honeymoon getaway can come across dramatically different from one couple to the next. Planning and embarking on a honeymoon getaway should always center on “we “and “us” not what is best for “me”.

Some couples prefer lying on the beach sipping a tall glass of cold pina colada together, hanging out on a African safari while others prefer sightseeing through European capital cities hand in hand, side by side.

No matter what your definition or your own personal preferences of the perfect honeymoon, the following eight secrets will help make your honeymoon even more romantic and memorable:

1. Setting up a honeymoon registry


One of the best kept secret for a romantic honeymoon is becoming well-known among engaged couples. By using a honeymoon registry, couples can opt to have the experiences associated with their dream honeymoon as a viable alternative to traditional wedding gifts.



These honeymoon gift activities can raise the bar for anyone’s definition of ‘romance’.

A couple’s honeymoon registry can include a romantic candlelit dinner, a cottage getaway, downhill sking at a luxury resort, a couple’s massage at a famous his and her spa, a swim with dolphins, a luxury suite upgrade, or a chilled bottle of your favorite Champaign and to out- do them all Belgian handmade chocolates in bed!

2. Choose the right location for you


The key to having a truly romantic honeymoon getaway is choosing the perfect honeymoon destination that is just right for the two of you – rather than simply choosing a tropical beach because that’s what most people seem to do.

Think outside the box – such as consider times you feel most connected to your fiancé, whether that’s is experiencing new adventures together, snuggling in a luxurious bed, exploring a new city, or simply relaxing and having a picnic for two at the park.

Then, choose a honeymoon destination that will allow you to experience those things together.
Affordable Honeymoon Destinations

Two awesome locations to have a romantic getaway:

Some of the experiences that would be fun for you and your partner would be horseback riding along the beach, taking a boat out to enjoy some scuba diving or swimming with the dolphins as mention earlier.

Even a very long walk along the shore can be somewhat of an adventure while being romantic at the same time.

Horseback Riding – Jamaica:

Watching the sunset while horseback riding with your special someone can be very nice. Jamaica offers some of best horseback riding experience.

Some resorts have its own private horse stables, making it ideal for a horseback riding with your loved one.
Jamaica is no doubt the horseback riding heaven

Many hotels and resorts have its trained crews which allow guests to experience the excitement of horseback riding across the countryside and the magnificent beach in Jamaica.

St Lucia

  • Watching the Sunset 

What can beat the feeling of watching the sunset with the gentle breeze while enjoying the company of your loved one? The island of Saint Lucia is world renown for some of most breathtaking sunset experiences.

Saint Lucia offers an excellent view of the gorgeous sunset from just about any place on the island.

  • The Pitons Mountains

The Pitons that rise over the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia has been the backdrop for many romantic getaway, perfect Caribbean wedding, and memorable honeymoon.

The Piton scene has become synonymous with love, romance and many of the top holiday homes and hotels in St. Lucia make the most of the symbolism of the Pitons.
Many hotels that are close to the Pitons doesn’t even put a wall between you and the view as you gaze from your balcony and bedrooms at awesome view – oh for the records – these magnificent twin Mountains named the Pitons is an UNESCO world heritage site. .

It gives the feeling like this island was created for the two of you.

3. Plan some little gifts


You can significantly augment the intimacy and romantic connection on your honeymoon by planning or preparing gifts for your new spouse.
Such as packing a little secret presents for every day of the honeymoon and present them to your new spouse with a great smile at just the right moment.

4. Tell people you’re on your honeymoon


One of the least-known ways to make your honeymoon more romantic is by letting others know that you are actually on your honeymoon.

It can get you some awesome unexpected discounts, upgrades, or maybe a table with a better view at a seaside restaurant.

One key take away tip is – if you want romantic honeymoon upgrades from your hotel or resort, take a copy of your new marriage license along with some pictures to confirm that you are actually on your honeymoon. This works like a charm.

5. Bring your own romantic items


Don’t expect your hotel or destination to provide you with all the romance you’ll want on your honeymoon. Instead, bring some of your own romantic items, such as tea light candles, your favorite music, bubble bath, massage oil, and new lingerie.

Romantic Honeymoon Getaways

6. Book a room with a Jacuzzi


There’s nothing more romantic than relaxing together in a dimly-lit, luxurious bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub for two.

It’s more romantic than a hot tub at a public resort pool. A Jacuzzi tub for two is by far more imitate and very private.

7. Enjoy breakfast in bed


Splurge on room service at least once or twice on your honeymoon can we different and very enjoyable.
Breakfast in bed gives you time to wake up slowly, making your whole day feel less rushed and more romantic.

Depending on what you enjoy, you can even bring a board game to play or a movie to watch while you enjoy your luxurious breakfast in the comfort of your room.

8. Tell your spouse why you love him/her


Telling someone about all the reasons you love him or her is possibly one of the most romantic gestures there is.
Before your departure for your honeymoon, invest some quality time making a very thought out list of the awesome reasons why you love your fiancé; for example of all the women or man in the world why you choose him or her?

Then, on your honeymoon, present this list of reasons in a creative way – as a scrapbook, on strips of paper you leave around the room, or just in a list form that you can read during a romantic dinner together.

Go ahead plan and enjoy a unforgettable holiday honeymoon getaway today.


Romantic Honeymoon
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